Neurofeedback ADHD

Neurofeedback is one of the more intriguing alternative treatments available today for the treatment of ADHD. While research findings on Neurofeedback are still inconclusive, increasingly, parents and health professionals are giving this therapy a chance and finding success.

Neurofeedback therapy is a non-intrusive treatment, a safe alternative option to help manage children’s inappropriate or out-of-control behavior.

The reason Neurofeedback therapy can be helpful for ADHD is because it treats brainwave activity, which has been shown through brain imaging studies to be significantly different in children with ADHD as compared to neurologically normal children. Children with ADHD show a higher ratio of theta waves (usually predominant in sleep) and a lower ratio of beta waves (correlated with an alert brain state). In other words, ADHD children and adults show an overall pattern of slower brain wave activity.

Neurofeedback uses qualitative electroencephalography (Q-EEG) – a technology that uses electrodes to detect and measure the brain’s activity frequencies. Once measured, the neurofeedback system then shows the patient what these brainwaves look like. By doing this, it is actually possible to help children train their brains – over time learning how to maintain control over their degree of alertness, concentration and more.

The biggest advantage that neurofeedback claims over the standard treatment of medication – is that wheras drugs only temporarily “fix” the symptoms (and even that only partially), neurofeedback enables an actual physiological change of the brain structure. This kind of change is considered to be long-term and lasting.

What is NeuroCognitive Training?

The drawbacks of classical Neurofeedback include first and foremost the cost – generally thousands of dollars a month. The course of treatment can take a number of months, and even years, and cannot be guaranteed.

Neurocognitive training is a new take on neurofeedback – including its important advantages, and providing an answer to its disadvantages, such as cost, lack of guarantee, and precision training for cognitive abilities related to the core of ADHD such as attention, concentration, working memory, impulse-control and executive function.

It’s guaranteed to work!
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