Prevention of memory loss

Prevention of Memory Loss – is it possible?

We all have memory slip-ups from time to time, which occur more and more frequently as we age. As we learn more about what enables us to create memories, and what causes age-related memory loss, it is clear that preventIon of memory loss is possible!

Is Memory Loss Inevitable?

The general consensus is that as we age – particularly past the age of about 40 – our brain starts to show subtle signs of slowing down. These generally do not become noticeable until they are bad enough to cause us discomfort – usually at around age 60 and beyond.

However, this reality may be changing!
New developments in neuroscience are leading efforts in brain training and professional memory loss prevention programs.

Who Can Benefit from Memory Loss Prevention Programs?

It is important to start considering how to prevent memory loss in middle-age when we first start noticing that it is not as easy to memorize new names or numbers as it once was. However, it is possible to adopt strategies for memory loss prevention at any age!

There are many components to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and active, including preventing eventual memory loss. Eating well and exercising certainly has its impact on our general health, including our brain health. Read more about such additional strategies here: Ways to Prevent Memory Loss

But when it comes to actually strengthening our memory for the prevention of memory loss, computerized brain training is breaking new ground towards this goal!

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