Cognitive training software

The field of cognitive training has grown enormously over the past 20 years. Cognitive training software is becoming a highly professional field requiring great expertise to apply new advances in neuroscience and cognitive sciences to rehabilitative and therapeutic needs.

Cognitive training software is used by health-care providers including medical doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists and educational specialists. It is being successfully used to help children and adults with a wide-range of difficulties, including Attention Disorder Deficit (ADD/ADHD), learning disabilities (LD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), brain injury (BI) and more.

One of the most important cognitive abilities we have as human-beings is known as Executive Functions. These are what we use when we make decisions, plan out our schedule, prioritize and problem solve. Executive Functions help us keep organized keep ourselves focused on our goals.

AttenGo’s unique brain fitness software is scientifically proven to strengthen Executive Functions, which in turn can help children and adults achieve successful cognitive rehabilitation in many areas. Read more about how you can train and improve Executive Functions with AttenGo’s cognitive training software here.