Cognitive training for children

One of the most important things you can do for your child who you think might have an attention deficit disorder is to learn about cognitive training for children.

Cognitive training is still a growing field, and we are learning more about how to work with the brain every day. However it is becoming clear that methodically applied cognitive training can be very important for children and for adults dealing with cognitive problems. While some doubt its efficacy, cognitive training is applied in hospitals, schools and clinics throughout the world, and is gaining increasing scientific support.

A recent development in our understanding of ADD/ADHD is its relation to Executive Functions (EF). These are important cognitive skills that coordinate and control lower-level cognitive functions such as perception, focus, working memory, impulse control, response speed and more.

Scientific studies have shown a strong relationship between the functioning of the brain’s frontal lobes and Executive Functions. For example, brains with ADD/ADHD have been found to have a less developed pre-frontal cortex, corresponding to impaired Executive Functions. As well, slow brain-wave activity in this area corresponds to an idle, sleep-like state associated with impaired working memory and learning.

Cognitive training for children is unique in its ability to work methodically with the brain in order to train and strengthen specific cognitive abilities. AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training for children is especially effective as it has been clinically proven to train both the cognitive skills –particularly, Executive Functions – as well as the neurological functioning, raising brain-wave activity to optimal and balanced levels.