Brain Training for ADHD

Brain Training for ADHD – Is it Helpful?

Over the past years, brain games have become increasingly popular. This is greatly due to a relatively recent and revolutionary finding in neuropsychology called Neuroplasticity. This means that our brains continue to change throughout our lifetime. Once it was thought that only children’s brains were capable of learning and changing, but we now know that brains can be trained and strengthened – even as we pass middle-age into our senior years.

Brain training programs are like brain games, but developed by professionals and used in rehabilitative clinics and hospitals throughout the world. These programs strengthen abilities such as attention, concentration, executive functions and memory.

Brain training for adults can be helpful for a number of difficulties. AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training is unique in that it strengthens and improves skills that are lacking in adults with ADD/ADHD. Our program helps balance brainwave activity, while strengthening specific brain skills involved in attention disorders.

Brain Training is Important for Adults Too

Even those who have struggled with ADD/ADHD for years can strengthen their brain abilities. AttenGo’s unique brain training has been proven to help with working memory, continuous attention and executive functions. With time and practice, the mind learns to sustain focus for longer periods of time and to maintain control over impulsive behaviors.

Adults using AttenGo have found themselves able to read more quickly, remember greater amounts of reading material and even better able to handle themselves in social situations – for example with an increased ability to follow and join in a conversation.

Research is showing that proper training around three to six months is effective for significantly improving general brain abilities as well as specific skills so helpful for those coping with ADD/ADHD.

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A Computerized Brain Training Program

One program we can recommend is the AttenGo Neuro-Cognitive Training Program.
The idea is to train on a regular basis – three to five times a week.

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