Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is becoming widely recognized as an important treatment approach for such difficulties such as ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and executive function disorders.

Similar to the way we would train weak muscles in the body, the idea of cognitive training is to stimulate the brain – and through focused exercise, strengthen its weaker functions over time.

Cognitive training generally uses computerized exercises that include both a variety of exercises, as well as quite a bit of repetition. This repetition has been shown in recent studies to be very helpful with particular skills such as working memory, speed of response, attention to detail, ignoring distractions and more.

Using the computer to set up methodical exercise programs lets us track and measure progress, and pinpoint those skills that need the most training. Often applied by trained occupational therapists and cognitive psychologists – cognitive training is also available today to homes and schools thanks to new technologies and the internet.

AttenGo’s neuro-cognitive training is based on a well-proven technology – used professionally for more than a decade. Their training system has been continuously developed and improved upon – and today can be used over the internet from the comfort of your home. Attengo’s professional and personalized programs specialize in helping children and adults with ADD/ADHD – as well as with learning disabilities, memory loss and more.