Treatments for ADHD

Perhaps more than ever, the best approach to ADHD today is to become well-informed!
There are so many options for ADD/ADHD treatment available that it can seem overwhelming. Let’s clarify the picture quickly by pointing out the three main types of treatment: Medication, Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Training.

Medication – this is of course the best-known ADHD treatment. This is in general, the standard treatment provided by neurologists and physicians.

Behavioral therapy – actually the first treatment ever provided for attention disorders that were originally understood to be a kind of behavioral problem. While our understanding of ADD/ADHD has grown, including identification of a neurological component – studies have shown that behavioral therapy is still an important tool.

Cognitive training – a more recent type of ADHD treatment, this approach is gaining strong support for being a needed addition to other standard forms of therapy.

Some studies indicate that while medication can help in the short-term, it may not be helpful over long-term, and in addition may enable cognitive decline to occur. Cognitive training helps counter cognitive deterioration by targeting those areas in the ADD/ADHD brain that need strengthening: focus, concentration, working memory and executive functions.