Alternative ADHD treatments

As the pros and cons of stimulant medications such as Ritalin, Concerta, Adderal, Straterra and others used to treat ADD/ADHD are being more clearly understood, many health practitioners are looking towards alternative ADHD treatments.

Whether these are given a try before attempting medical treatment or as a complementary and beneficiary addition – the growing place of alternative ADHD treatments cannot be ignored.

Behavioral and psychological therapies  are both important types of treatment. These can be used exclusively or used together with medication. In any case, medication alone is generally not considered sufficient for children and adults to cope successfully with ADD/ADHD over long-term.

Alternative ADHD treatments include diet, lifestyle, art and social therapies, kinesthetic and body-centered approaches and more. One of the more important alternative treatments for ADHD is Cognitive Training  which is gaining wide-spread academic and clinical attention.

Look first of all for treatments that are considered reputable and can be backed up with testimonials or – even better – clinical evidence. As we learn more about this disorder, we are also seeing just how individual the solution can be for any single child or adult with ADD/ADHD.