Adult ADHD treatment

What are the Treatment Options for Adult ADHD?

Now that ADD/ADHD is being properly diagnosed, many adults are recognizing in retrospect that they have had attention difficulties since childhood. Without treatment – secondary symptoms and bad work or life habits often develop. Adults with ADD/ADHD report high incidences of problems in keeping relationships and jobs, in keeping bills paid and even increased tendencies for addictions and run-ins with the law.

The good news is that even for adults ADD/ADHD. is a very treatable disorder. The first and most important step is to get educated! Understand the disorder and how it affects your life. Consider what habits cause you to be involved in constantly dealing with emergencies. Use your support network, or get help – and talk to figure out what changes would make the biggest difference in your life.

And then most importantly – once you’ve identified the problem, make sure to persist and insist in getting the right ADHD treatment for you.

Many people – encouraged by doctors who may not be specialists in this field – go for a mistaken ‘try medication and see if it works’ kind of approach. This can help at times, particularly if you’re seeking immediate relief, this does have the highest chance to provide just that. However, if the medication does not work, remember that this doesn’t mean that you don’t have adult ADHD – as many as 30% do not respond to stimulant medication.

It is important to know what your ADHD treatment options are.

ADHD Treatment in Adults – What are the Alternatives?

An important direction that has been developing the past several years is cognitive brain training. Whether the core symptoms are neurological or otherwise, it is clear that every adult with ADHD should do cognitive training to strengthen the important cognitive skills

Even if you take medication or engage in behavioral therapy – it is crucial not to neglect strengthening your cognitive abilities – working memory, attention, concentration, focus, response speed and more.

Don’t wait any longer – treat adult ADHD today!