ADHD treatment options

As the fastest growing diagnosis in children and adults, ADD/ADHD presents a real challenge to those who are diagnosed, their families and health-care professionals.

Part of the challenge is that ADD/ADHD does not, to date, have any clear physiological markers, but rather is diagnosed based on behavior. This diagnostic difficulty feeds right into the next big question – what are the ADHD treatment options, and what will be best for my child?

Most parents have a lot more questions than answers after receiving such a diagnosis. The range of ADHD treatment options is staggering. While medication is generally the accepted treatment, about a third do not respond well either to the drug itself or to its side effects.

For those who do, medication can provide a good starting step – but even then, it’s important not to neglect the cognitive and behavioral aspects of this diagnosis.

Additional ADD/ADHD treatment options include emotional treatments to help children learn to calm themselves, gain self-confidence and control frustration. There is also clear trending toward ADHD behavioral treatments – which provide useful ways to manage organizational challenges, adopt constructive social strategies and other practical tools to give children and adults the ability to fully express their potential.

Cognitive training is another important form of treatment that researchers and health professionals recognize as important to develop and strengthen children’s focus and attention. Today’s technologies make it possible to build exercises and programs that precisely focus on core cognitive skills… no wonder this is one of the fastest growing new therapy treatments for children and adults with ADD/ADHD!