ADHD Treatment For Kids

ADHD is a neurological disorder that can manifest in early childhood. Today, the disorder is quite common, and 8-9% of kids are diagnosed with it. The main symptoms of the disorder are short attention span, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Kids with ADHD have more difficulties than others their age in many areas. These are apparent mainly, but not only, in school. Social and behavioral difficulties cause a lot of pain to the kids themselves as well as to family or friends. This is why it is crucial to treat kids with ADHD. Treatment can reduce symptoms and make it possible for kids to function better in all areas of life.

How to treat kids with ADHD?

There are many options for treating kids with ADHD: educational and psychological treatments, medication, alternative treatments, cognitive training, and more. ADHD treatment for kids can and should consist of more than one type, depending on the child’s diagnosis and on the parents’ preferences.

Medical treatment for kids with ADHD

Medical treatment is probably the most commonly used, but it has two main disadvantages: first, medication doesn’t treat the primary cause of ADHD (neurological deficiencies) in the long term; and second, it has many undesirable side effects, to the point where some kids cannot take medication at all, not even in the smallest doses. Because of these disadvantages, parents are increasingly looking for alternative methods of treatment.

Alternative methods of treatment. There are many alternative treatments for children with ADHD. One of the most efficient ones is cognitive training. By using brain fitness software, we can train the brain to function better and reduce the ADHD symptoms that make it difficult for kids with ADHD to function properly. The training consists of simple cognitive training exercises performed regularly, for a period of 3-6 months.